Author: Cris Sweeny
Published: 05/16/2022

What We See & What We Love: FrameWorks’ Spring 2022 Art Trends Report

Every day, our team of creatives, craftsmen, and craftswomen work alongside designers to bring art installations from idea to reality. There’s an art and science to what we do: Mood boards and tape measures, color swatches, and CAD renderings. If you were a bug on our wall (which in South Florida isn’t a stretch of the imagination), you’d probably hear us say on repeat, “What if…?”
A few years ago, one of these “what if” conversations helped us realize that our team has access to and reviews a high volume of art across mediums, spaces and styles daily. “What if we shared what we are seeing in the market?” we thought! And from there, we launched the FrameWorks Quarterly Art Trends Report.
In our latest report, we note a return to rust and a selection of other rather unconventional colors that might surprise you this season! See more color and material trend visuals in our report available here:

Bold And Gold

Man-hat-Ten (Manhattan) Series

I - love

o - live

Blue's the Hue

Rust is a must

Teal's the deals

Rose Knows

Brown Town

Blue & Gold takes ahold

Nothing Rhymes with orange

Black on Track

Wood Is Good