Framing Collectibles in Miami

Fortunately, framing collectibles with the help of a skilled expert ensure that your collectible photographs, posters, and sports memorabilia receive the right protection while giving you the best way to display your favorite pieces.

Importance of protection

Framing collectibles that you want to put on display is one of the best ways to protect them. Without proper custom framing, matting, glazing, and backing, collectible photographs can become scratched, discolored and suffer from humidity issues such as mold.

Similar issues arise when you don’t properly protect a collectible sports jersey because it can suffer rips or holes and become dirty or faded if you just pin it up on a wall. If your photographs or other collectibles suffer damage, this can reduce their value, make them worthless and prevent you from passing them on to future generations.

Display considerations

When memorabilia framing collectibles such as sports jerseys, autographed photos or posters, awards or medals, there are various options. One option is an archival storage box but it doesn’t let you put collectibles on display. If you want to share your collectibles, a better choice is a display frame or shadowbox specifically designed to preserve your precious items. Although you can purchase a frame from an art store or big box store, such display options do not properly protect your collectibles because they are often mass-produced and cheaply made. Autographed photographs and jerseys put in an improper mounting and framing arrangement can suffer spots, creases, folds and stains due to environmental elements penetrating the display. Protect your collectibles and helps them hold their value with experienced framing using special framing and mounting materials.

Specialized framing and mounting

To preserve your collectibles, you need to utilize the services of an experienced custom framer who has the correct mounting and framing materials on hand. They use acid-free matting and UV resistant glass or Plexiglas that prevents damage and fading and take great care whenever handling your collectibles. Framing collectibles & memorabilia framing takes patience, precision and experience as it requires a skilled touch to preserve both an autographed photo or poster and the autograph itself. A custom framer uses quality, archival frames of wood or metal and special glass/glazing that gives admirers a full view of the collectibles while keeping ultraviolet rays out.