Custom Mirror Framing

With custom mirror framing, you can transform any mirror into an essential home accessory and accent piece.

Mirror transformation

Custom mirror framing gives an old mirror new life or a new mirror a unique personality. Not only does framing transform the mirror, it also transforms the space it’s located. Mirrors on walls can help make a space look and feel more open and larger while adding depth and character. The right custom wood framing around any mirror helps it coordinate with the space, as well as bringing simplicity or drama into the room. Displaying multiple mirrors on a single wall dresses up an otherwise plain space and increases the overall light in the room.

Mirrors as artwork

Utilizing custom mirrors in your existing bathroom, hallway and bedroom mirrors is an imaginative way to add personality to interior design. With high quality, custom wood framing around your mirror, it can feel more like a work of art than a mere reflective surface. Combining custom framing with unique cluster displays of custom mirrors can make an entire wall a piece of art in numerous ways.

Small grouping – Hanging a cluster of mirrors in a hallway or entryway creates the feeling of a grand entrance with light and openness. To keep a smaller cluster visually appealing, hang an odd number.

Grand staircase

Mixing custom mirror framing styles on the wall next to a staircase leads the gaze upward and lends a feeling of sophisticated grandeur. When mixing frame styles, keep them one uniform color that blends in with the wall so that the mirrors hold the spotlight and the frames don’t distract the eye.

Gallery wall

Creating a gallery wall with custom mirrors can be as dramatic as using pieces of artwork when done well. Using mirrors that are all the same shape such as square, rectangular or circular but with a mix of frame styles to fill a wall creates a breathtaking focal point in any space. Spacing the mirrors at equal intervals lends symmetry to the gallery wall and creates a sense of movement.

With custom wood framing for your mirrors, you can explore the depth and artistry while bringing light to unique interior design.