Memorabilia Framing Miami

An experienced custom framing company has the capability to frame just about any memorabilia whether it’s a football, model airplane or helmet. Memorabilia framing allows you to display your treasures without worrying about fading or damage.

Sports memorabilia

With quality memorabilia, your favorite sports items including jerseys, balls, bats, pucks, cleats and helmets receive the framing collectibles honor they deserve. Future generations will be able to view that baseball you caught during the game or the puck that scored the winning goal in your child’s hockey championship. The autographed football you waited for hours in line to receive or anxiously bid for online undergoes perfect preservation behind glass that keeps it visible but untouchable. The custom framer for your memorabilia will work with you to help chose the type of matting, framing and layout you want for your sports treasures to make sure that it’s truly eye-catching.

Travel trinkets

If you’re a world-traveler or just a collector of unique objects, you probably have boxes full of items and don’t know what to do with them. Displaying on bookshelves requires periodic dusting and worry about them falling off, but framing collectibles gives you a way to hang or display them that’s far safer and dust-proof. With quality framing you can finally show off that colorfully painted boomerang from your Australia trip or that exotic mask from a jaunt through a tropical retreat and share the stories of your travels with everyone who views them.

Family heirlooms

When you or a family member has served in the military and earned a medal, that’s an honor that needs preservation for future generations with memorabilia framing. Other family treasures such as wedding announcements, invitations, and favors or a collage of baby items including the shower invitation, birth invitation, and hospital bracelet can all have a safe home in custom framing. Even that model airplane or car that you or a relative spent hours building can receive quality preservation with custom framing.

Quality materials

Quality memorabilia framing utilizes acid-free matting, shatter-resistant glass or Plexiglas and sturdy frames that provide the best protection for your items. The experience of a custom framer helps brings your vision for collectible preservation to life.