Custom Wood Framing Miami

The right frame enhances art and custom wood framing adds earthy beauty to custom mirrors and anything it surrounds. Wood frames give your pieces a durable, unique and safe environment so they can remain on display for everyone’s enjoyment.

Uniqueness of custom wood framing

Although frames come in various materials including acrylic, metal, plastic, stone and metal, wood has a unique character and appearance impossible to duplicate. A wooden frame made from the same color and kind of wood may look unremarkable at first, but upon closer inspection, you can see the unique grain and texture of each piece of wood. Custom wood framing joins wood together in such a way that it flows into one solid piece, while each segment retains its originality to create a frame that is artwork itself. Using a wooden frame around your artwork or custom mirrors enhances the piece along with the interior design of your home, office building or gallery.

Benefits of wood frames

Materials used for framing all have benefits, but wood has the advantage of being one of the longest used materials. People have used wood for framing artwork for centuries and this long-time use means that it’s well understood by those skilled in creating quality frames. Wood comes in seemingly endless types ranging from soft knotty pine to durable oak and maple and exotic imports such as mahogany. Wood can be left its natural color with a sealant or stained or painted to complement the artwork and interior decor. Wood frames can be carved and detailed in ways that bring out the beautiful versatility of the material.

Durable protection

Custom wood framing by an experienced artisan incorporates a quality wood frame along with the correct backing, matting and glazing materials to ensure that your artwork, photo or graphic art has full protection from dust, moisture and ultraviolet light. Wood frames reliably and durably protect your pieces and give it the finished look that creates sophistication in any space. A custom framer works with you to help you select the right type, color, finish and size wood frame you need for your personal, custom mirrors, business or gallery pieces and has in-depth understanding of the varying strengths of each type of wood.

Custom wood framing is adaptable enough to be as rustic or refined as your artwork requires